Benoît Aliaga

Deaf PhD in epigenetics

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My second internship at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland)

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After successful completion of the 1st internship in Rennes (France), I joined the Bize research group (now at Aberdeen University in Scotland) in the Department of Ecology and Evolution at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland) as a trainee to work on:

Telomeres length, individual quality and fitness


  • Developmental plasticity
  • Aging plasticity


Aging, Telomeres, Ficedula albicolis, Life History Traits, Phenotypic Plasticity


  • Pierre Bize
  • Charlotte Récapet



The aim

The aim...... You can watch here the graphical abstract


Graphical abstract


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Reference letter

A reference letter was written by my advisor Pierre Bize (in french).

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