Benoît Aliaga

Deaf PhD in epigenetics

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Last updates

I put my database online for my website and blog.

I defended my PhD two days ago. I will start soon to update my website.

I'm writing my PhD manuscript. I can't update my website. Stay tuned, I will come back ;-)

I updated my story and CV.

You can download the preprint version of our last article called "Notos - a Galaxy tool to analyze CpN observed expected ratios for inferring DNA methylation types" on bioRxiv in PDF format (Publication).

  • I started to transfer my website to PHP. Now, it will be easier to modify the menu, the information on the right column and the footer.
  • I also started to work on the contact page.

You can download my articles in PDF-format from my website (Publication).

I added the third website's version. The design of my website is better. The home page has two sidebars (left and right) and a central column for my last blog publication.

I improved the blog page. I made several article box for each articles.